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FEB 16th
There is a new website honoring the life of Iris Chang, the author of "THE RAPE OF NANKING" It has been set up as a memorial.

NEW - Memorial Website to Iris Chang

FEB. 4th - 2007 - we added the start of an image BLOG

Photo Blog of Nanking, 1937

FEB. 1st - 2007 - Author, Kevin Kent interviewed for Newsweek Japan.
It seems the buring question remains, why would a guy from the U.S. spend 5 years working on a novel about pain ans suffering in China almost 70 years ago.

JANUARY - 2007 SUNDANCE FILM festival showed a movie by the same name as my book. NANKING.
This documentary is not based on my book, but on the collection of anecdotal letters and writings of a few of the American and John Rabe. Minnie was included. "NANKING" the novel is a fictionalized account of what happened during the RAPE of NANKING surrounding the life of MINNIE VAUTRIN.

Live on the OC interview with Kevin Kent.

WOGL FM 98.1 - Hosted by Brad Segall in Philadelphia, PA

Review by the New York Times best-selling author Ellen Tanner Marsh

All too often in the literary world, the horrors of war are made even more grotesque by bad writing about war, from poorly plotted action-adventure tales to cloying melodramas. In contrast, author Kevin .A. Kent's WWII epic, Nanking, is a highly-informed, crisply written novel that, though set in a period of intense conflict, does not rely upon the setting alone to drive the tautly-paced narrative.

Nanking is the story of the eponymous city in China that was the target of invading Japanese forces in the late 1930s. More than a historic account of a siege, it is the wrenching drama of the everyday heroes—mostly foreign—who stayed through the city's occupation in order to help save its beleaguered residents.

Kent's heroine is diminutive Minnie Vautrin, an idealistic American missionary who chooses to remain in the doomed city to safeguard the students of the all-girls school she administers. Yet this is no overblown melodrama; Minnie's journey is tragic, and Kent knows better than to romanticize even the most inconsequential detail. Yes, the reality is stark, but the tone is never maudlin, while Kent's carefully executed series of flashbacks, along with deliberate and tautly stylized pacing, allow readers to empathize with the characters and the situation—one that, thankfully, falls outside the bounds of common experience.

Nanking is vivid and cinematic, a tale that is evocative of a place and time that, played out on so many ferocious fronts, forever changed the world. Readers will no doubt look forward to future works by this author—although writing a novel as compelling as Nanking would be a feat, indeed. ETM

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NewsTalk 1370 WOCA

Hi Kevin!

The interview was great! Thank you so much for spending the time you did to tell us about this tragic, although fascinating, piece of history.

Your passion for the subject and for filling the "western world" in on this "Asian Holocaust" made the interview an excellent radio moment. The focus of the story you tell in Nanking, and how you compare the events to the bravery displayed in Schindler's List, was truly riveting and I'm sure we stimulated a few sales at Barnes and Noble, etc.

Keep up the good work and please come back on the show any time!


Larry Whitler
NewsTalk 1370 WOCA
Ocala, Florida


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